Brad went to Babson and lived in Boston for a few years after graduation, so it’s kind of fun that we both share a love of that city. One goal for the weekend there was to get a buffalo chicken calzone (something about New York falling flat in this area) but one thing led to another and we never got one. So Sunday night when we got home, we went to the grocery store in search of the staples – chicken, hot sauce, tomato sauce and bleu cheese.  Making this calzone instead of continuing the search for a decent pizza place that had one seemed normal. Kind of like the time my mom called and asked what we were up to that night and I said, completely serious, “making vanilla bean ice cream.”





My mom always laughs when I tell her what “we’re” making. I always reassure her that it’s not that much work, it’s pretty easy in fact, and it’s fun! She should try it!  I’m sure this is sound advice coming from the one sitting in the living room drinking wine watching someone else do it. And occasionally stirring.


Visiting Caitlin is kind of like going home. She and Mike are admittedly awkward in front of a camera, which is why it was great it was me taking pictures. Michael ham-ed it up and Caitlin was herself. Practice for the big day in August!


This weekend, we had planned on going to Kevin and Alyse’s for dinner which is always fun – homemade food, Eagles/Emmys, Sunday was really looking good. But, as we’ve learned from this month of to-dos, there was more. Dinner became an impromptu celebration when Lis and Ryan arrived back from the shore…engaged! September has really delivered.

Multiple levels of excitement: homemade chips and dip, bbq pulled pork sandwiches, bok choy slaw, jalapeno corn bread with cheddar, carmel apple crumble … and the state of matrimony.

Up to the roof for a photo session

Such an exciting time!

One of the best of the day. The boys taking it all in. 

Keagan Patrick Stach decided to make his way into the world later that week. He is happy, healthy and the cutest peanut ever. It is almost magical being around him.

So it all started on Labor Day Weekend at Tim and Christina’s wedding.

They were married at St. Augustine Church and the reception was at the Crystal Tea Room. The priest’s homily was all about Tim and Christina’s love story over the years. It was awesome.

Because every vow should have the enthusiasm behind a fist pump.
Now that it’s official, we’ll break for some drinks at Smith and Wollensky’s.
First dance to Van Morrison’s Crazy Love! 
Shortly thereafter…

At the beginning of the summer, I looked at my August calendar and got nervous. My summer job with the NYC Teaching Fellows was ending August 6 and I had to be back in action on August 26 (also my mom’s birthday, for the record). In my head, that didn’t seem like enough time to “unwind” and really “recharge” before the school year started up.

I was wrong. It is perfect.

Between Avalon, Philadelphia and New York, I have been running around town lately. It’s pretty awesome. Actually, the term “running” makes it seem like I’ve been doing things and being active. I have not. I have been a complete vegetable with the exception of two dinners I cooked – dinners that did not seem blog worthy, mostly because I didn’t think of it – and the occasional work out.

Anyway, I am at the shore and it is gorgeous. Avalon in late August is something else all together. And to prove it, I have the pictures.

Sunset last night, off the back deck, one of the few times I wish we lived on the bay.

Sunrise this morning.

I woke up just before the sun hit the horizon and ran down the boardwalk with my camera. I aim for comfort when it comes to sleeping attire, and disregard coordination of any kind all together. To that end, I had on an enormous navy hoodie and lavender and white striped CROPPED pajama pants. If you know me, you’ve seen what my hair can do in the morning, too. The lovely couple who had come for the same sunrise picture were nice enough to ignore me.

I slept with the windows open last night and woke up freezing this morning. Fall is definitely coming.